I approached Mitch for a website and brochure.  Instead, I got the plan that helped me take my business to a whole new level. -  Don Walker, President, Bri-don Inc.

"Mitch was a key contributor in taking our company from $3 million to $100  million. He helped build the business models that were the mainstay of our  success and continue to drive the business today."
- Bruce Croxon, CEO Lavalife.

Think Mitch Think was created with one thing in mind - to deal with the toughest business challenges faced by growing entrepreneurial companies. And to empower these companies with simple, easy to understand, high leverage and easy to implement insights and tools.

Today, some of the greatest challenges facing any growth company are: 

1. Branding and Positioning. 
How do you break through the noise of your competition, online and offline to really stand out and connect more powerfully with your target audience? 

2. Customer Acquisition and Conversion. 

You've done well in the past, but how do you find more customers and more of the "right" customers? And, once you find them (or they find you) how do you compel them to contact you?. 

3. Accessing Senior Marketing Talent when you need it.
How do you inject a level of marketing into your plan as if you had a strong, proven VP Marketing on your team.  Someone that can help make your plans and decision making sharper, stronger and more effective as you need it?  At  a moments notice or on a regular basis.  After all, these decisions may be new to you, but not to someone who's been there before.

I am here to tell you not to be afraid of these challenges
- but to take them on.

I can help. No pressure or sales pitches - I hate them as much as you do. Let's face it, the decision to take this on is yours. And you need to be in 100% to make it happen. 

"We got more done with Mitch in the last year then we had in  the previous five!"
- Gary Beelik, Soapbox Design.

Use the contact information under my nice photo on this page or use this form to find out how.

About Mitch

Hi! This is Mitch here giving you the straight goods on me - not some third party narrative telling you all about Mitch's accolades. No, I get to do that in first person! 

You should feel comfortable with my accomplishments and the level of thinking that I bring to the table - after all, that is what you are buying (hence Think Mitch Think). I have two "Thinks" in there to ensure you are getting good value! 

"Mitch isn't aiming for mediocre. We worked with Mitch on  several projects and thoroughly enjoyed each one."
- Kelly Patched, GK Media..

While I spent some time at Procter and Gamble I am more widely acknowledged as one of the pioneers of the now wildly popular online dating market. I was the VP Marketing for Lavalife Inc. and was there for ten years (1993 to 2003). Over that time I lead growth from $3 million to over $100 million. I was the first marketing person hired and ended up managing a department of over 27 people. 

Today, I am the VP Marketing for FreshBooks.com, the leader in online invoicing for freelancers and small business owners and another widely recognized Canadian success story.  FreshBooks was recently chosen by KPMG and BackBone Magazine as the Top Web Application in Canada in 2009.  FreshBooks was also recently on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine as one of their 100 brilliant companies.  Like Lavalife, we are building a category, innovating and driving a heck of a lot  of growth.  I was employee number 12 and we are now on our way to 50.

I DO take on outside projects as I continue to enjoy helping small companies grow.

Other Stuff

If you Google me you may find out more about some of the good work I have done and you may also discover my interest in magic! Thanks for taking the time to learn more. Now.... tell me about you.....


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